Yoga and shiatsu
with Terry Bruce


I adapt yoga to you, helping you find the ideal blend of ease, and challenge.
I bring my passion for learning into my yoga classes; including inspiring aspects of anatomy, physiology, philosophy, 5 Elements and Shiatsu.

The belief that we are all natural beings – of the wild and natural Earth, underpins my teaching. Sometimes this might show up as yoga outside. Sometimes the natural cycles of the earth inform our practice.

My classes are varied, friendly, challenging, safe and empowering.
I aim to help you find your way back to your body, your feelings, your instinctive and natural self.

Discover Yoga and Shiatsu


I love introducing people to the world of yoga.  It’s a world so rich and wonderful and it can help us in so many truly awesome ways!

I love working with people who are new to yoga. Those first experiences and insights are so inspiring. To be able to accompany someone on the beginning of their yoga journey is delightful and inspiring!

I love working with people who already have experience of yoga, even their own established practice.  Together we dive a little deeper into your experience, and explore the finer details of each pose and your relationship with it.


To express what shiatsu can offer or provide in a few words is always a challenge.  

To connect more deeply to yourself.  To feel more whole. To ease and release physical pain and tension. To move beyond emotional challenges.  

To feel good, and whole and fall in love with life a whole lot more.

Yoga Classes and Shiatsu Treatments

Interested? Below you will find different online or in person yoga classes and shiatsu treatments.
Find out which suits you best.

Online Yoga Classes

From early start sessions to private classes, there’s an option for everyone.

Yoga Class Packages

Do you want to start yoga but do not seem to find the time? Here’s how…

In Person Yoga

Regular classes in the beautiful outdoors. In my garden or in the Wild!


Discover how this Japanese physical therapy helps nurture your being.


A simple, body based relaxation. We all need a little more of that sometimes!

About Me

I live on Exmoor with my family of husband and 4 children. 

My connection with nature is a huge and important aspect of my life.  I have taught yoga since 2009, and began my journey with shiatsu in 2012, qualifying as a practitioner in 2017.  

I believe passionately that the more we are able to embrace our own experience of life with all the textures and flavours, pinnacles of triumph and chasms of pain, the more joyful we become, and the more happiness and inspiration we bring to those around us.  

I long to live outside, and I long to snuggle up in front of the fire….
The paradoxes of life are all around us and I embrace them where I can. My yoga practice, being outdoors, being with my family (and dog) and loved ones are all part of what I love in this life!

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