A beautiful physical therapy,
from Japan

Shiatsu sessions are held in a small, private treatment room at New Place, Porlock.

A physical therapy that can help you to move beyond chronic physical pain and tension, emotional challenges and difficulties, a sense of feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘lost’.

Shiatsu meets you where you are at in this moment and supports and nurtures your whole being, body mind and soul.

Through touch, experience and intuition, I create a space where you are held, witnessed and accepted precisely as you are.
This gives an opportunity for your body, emotions and mind to discover and follow their own path to healing – with my support.

I have been enjoying Yoga with Terry for a couple of years now and it has become a non negotiable for me, like fresh air each day and a certain amount of hours sleep each night! Now I have added Shiatsu into the mix and have a session instead of yoga once every three weeks and this really works for me – mind, body and soul, Shiatsu gives me exactly what I need each time, whether that is grounding, revitalising or comfort. Terry is so knowledgeable and intuitive that no session is ever the same, it almost feels like a new adventure each week. I feel so lucky to have found her!

Kelly, Dunster

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