Shiatsu: A therapy that meets and nourishes your whole being. Physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual.

Using energy pathways in the body known as meridians, shiatsu helps to keep energy (ki, or chi) flowing smoothly throughout the whole body.

Injuries and unhealthy habitual patterns can cause ki to become stagnant, or blocked in some areas of the body. Shiatsu uses pressure, movement and stretching to support your body in finding its own unique path to healing.

I don’t work with an idea of how your body ‘should’ be. I work with the belief that your body has a deep inner wisdom – and by connecting with this, bringing my and your attention to this, as well as to any areas of pain or discomfort, each session will bring what is needed at that time.

I also work with the belief that our challenges and problems are never purely on one level.
The sadness, fear or frustration that we feel, or don’t feel, will be present somewhere in the body.

A soreness in our shoulders will be linked, somehow, to our emotional state, whether it is that we are currently stressed, and so holding more tension in the shoulders, or something deeper, that we may not be consciously aware of.

Shiatsu can support you in moving beyond chronic physical pain and tension, emotional challenges and difficulties, and a sense of feeling stuck or lost.

Through touch, experience and intuition, I create a space where you are held, witnessed and accepted precisely as you are.
This gives an opportunity for your body, emotions and mind to discover and travel your own path to healing – with my support.

People ask me ‘how often should I have shiatsu? How many sessions should I have?
This varies greatly for each person, what your reason for coming to shiatsu is, and what you hope to receive from the sessions.

That said, there are 2 main ways that I work.

If you have a specific issue that you would like to work with, or you feel the need for some regular shiatsu, I offer 4 sessions over 8 weeks, for £220

If you would like to book an individual session, the cost is £65 per session.

At your first session, we will have a conversation that gives me a really clear picture of what you’re experiencing, what you are hoping for, and any history that is relevant. This means that your initial session will be 90 minutes.
After that – all sessions are 1 hour.

Shiatsu is received fully clothed, and (usually) lying on a comfortable futon on the floor.

Shiatsu gives me exactly what I need each time, whether that is grounding, revitalising or comfort. Terry is so knowledgeable and intuitive that no session is ever the same, it feels like a new adventure each week. I feel so lucky to have found her!

Kelly, Dunster

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