Yoga Class Package

Yoga Basic package

A three-part series is a fantastic introduction to yoga.  A great confidence builder to work towards a regular online class, or an in person class.  Work slowly into each pose so you feel safe and confident.

3 x 1 hour sessions – each session works gradually towards a well known asana (yoga pose). I offer variations throughout, to ensure the practice works for you and your body.
Repeat each session as many times as you like, and you’ll feel confident to join a group class.

Terry really knows her way around a body.  How each part moves in relation to the whole, and just how much movement is safely available while providing a challenge to the client.  There is a real ease with which she works, this allows me to trust her completely and to surrender wholly to the experience.  I find this deeply relaxing and I believe it is the key to ‘dropping’ and receiving the most benefit from her shiatsu, which is imaginative, profound and poetic.

Mark, France

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