Stretch Into Spring Yoga Retreat

A day entwining yoga, journalling, relaxation, and connection with nature – this energising session will twist and stretch you – body and mind. It will invite playfulness, curiosity and clarity of direction.

This retreat is for you if:

🌱You’re feeling a bit stuck, stagnant, or frustrated. This is all about getting your energy flowing again.

🌱You’re feeling a bit stiff, and you want to get moving.

🌱You’re feeling a little lost – and want some direction.

🌱You love a strong, twisty, stretchy yoga practice

🌱You want to leap into Spring – with energy and enthusiasm!

Here is some beautiful feedback from the last retreat:

I really enjoyed being with you and the group on Saturday. I was surprised at the way the pain in my knee dissipated during the breathing practice – and wow the strength that I felt in the warrior poses! I have not been able to stand solely on my left leg for about a year now. I surprised myself when it came to trying it and it worked.  

Jenny Bridle – Porlock

During our day will include:
🌱 A yoga practice that focuses on hips and shoulders, twists and side stretches. These invite a sense of clarity, playfulness and direction.
🌱 Notice patterns that no longer serve us, take steps to release them – and begin to establish new patterns that are more helpful for us in our lives right now.
🌱 Work with the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians, using pressure points to deepen the potency of our practice
🌱 Explore the Chinese Element that corresponds with Spring, Wood – and how we can use Wood energy to support us in our every day lives!
🌱 Time outside in nature – literally connecting to Spring!
🌱 A delicious, nourishing, seasonal lunch provided by Toucan Wholefoods Cafe.

Saturday 2nd April – 10am – 4pm

Wootton Courtenay Village Hall

The freshness, positivity, clarity and sense of freedom that the Wood energy and Spring evoke is inspiring and invigorating. There can also be frustration, stuckness, or a lack of direction that leads to indecision and a feeling of being lost or overwhelmed. Whether you are a Wood lover, or someone who finds this time more challenging, the Stretch Into Spring retreat will motivate and inspire a fresh and clear direction and perspective.

Saturday 2nd April – 10am – 4pm

Wootton Courtenay Village Hall

‘Nourished in body and mind with Terry, the 5 elements is the most forgiving philosophy to support you and fill your heart. It is full of colour, warmth and nurturing ideas to take with you in life.’
Ema, @wild_wellies