Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is a path to knowing your Self, loving your Self and living Life more fully than you do right now!

Use your incredible body, breath, mind and emotions to truly LIVE each moment!
Feel your way into each pose. Discover incredible things about you. How we ‘do’ yoga, is how we ‘do’ life.

The classes I teach are slow, strong and stretchy. We build strength, gradually. We stretch muscles, slowly. We weave the powerful themes, stories and philosophies of yoga and shiatsu lightly into our practice, making it more than just physical exercise. Yoga then becomes a potent journey of discovery of you.

Hatha in the Morning!
Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30am
£60 for 7 classes, beginning 9th June
£12 per class drop in

Begin your day with this slow, steady and strong class. A blend of moderately strong poses, an invitation for deep awareness and a relaxation. Emerge feeling inspired and energised!

Before I started practising yoga with Terry I had no idea that the physical had anything to do in any real sense with the emotional or even the spiritual side of my life. Integrating them all through the  multi-disciplinary approaches afforded through yoga has made an enormous difference to my well-being in every sense. Thank you Terry for helping me to see that there is more to life!

Marion, Somerset

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