New to Yoga?

The world of yoga can look pretty daunting…
Where do I start?
Which class should I take?
What are those poses called?
They move too fast – I can’t keep up!

Yes, to all the above!

If you want to try some yoga, but don’t know where to start, here are 3 recorded classes to get you going.
Each class prepares you for, and works into one of the most commonly practiced yoga poses.
We take it slow, one step at a time.
I offer you variations of each pose, to adapt to your needs – learning what feels right for your body as you practice.
Repeat each session as often as you like, until you feel confident and ready to join a group class!

Each recorded class is roughly 1 hour and you can watch them any time.


Terry’s yoga sessions have played a major part in my recovery from breaking two vertebrae in my back and subsequent surgery. Her thoughtful, careful and focused approach made me feel that I was in safe hands at every stage and progress was clear from the start. Two years on I have regained the flexibility and strength I thought I had lost for ever. In fact I think I am even better.

Pippa, Somerset

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