Exmoor Wellbeing Safari

Adventure to the Wild Spaces of Exmoor
Come Home to Your Self

Wild and natural beings, this is our original habitat. 

Nestled safely in a wooded valley, let the sound of a flowing stream wash over you as you rest in easeful relaxation on the grass, your worries carried by the water to the deep ocean.

High on the crest of a hill, the land spreads out before you.  Let your imagination roam as far as you can see, maybe even further. Dreaming up possibilities, with yourself at the heart of the story. Journalling, as we sit together around the fire.

Feel the expansive sense of the landscape around you echoed in your body, as you practice yoga asana (poses) with a backdrop of lush green woodland, river valleys and views of the sea.

At the edge of an ancient forest, gather earthly treasures and craft them into keepsakes of your time spent here in the wild.

I will guide you to hidden valleys and secret vistas, little known and unseen by people passing by them, every day.

In this ancient landscape, where the footprints of our ancestors lie hidden by nature’s beauty, harsh & wild, soft and safe, healing can happen, energy can shift.

There are moments of fun, laughter & playfulness.  There are moments of quietude and reflection.  As you seek solace in the rugged beauty of this landscape, rediscover and re-learn about yourself.  Trusting that in this moment, in this place, you are who you are meant to be.

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With time to reflect, and a journal that is yours to keep – your busy, daily, thinking mind has time to rest. Your ‘daydream’ mind, your creative mind can step forward. The insights and reflections that you find might surprise you.

The practice of yoga asana (postures) invites a profound connection with your physical senses. As the landscape stretches out before you, feel the sensation of stretching and expanding in muscles that habitually feel tight or stuck.

Practicing yoga outside in nature, mirrors our experience of life. We don’t always have a perfectly flat floor to balance on. In life, the ground can feel bumpy! Use the contours of the earth beneath you to find just where to place your feet, find just the right curve to nestle your body into for relaxation.

Meditation in the elements is a reminder that we can find stillness while the earth is turning and the light is changing. It reminds us that we don’t need to be in a particular place to find a moment of peace. We can find peace within ourselves right now, at this moment, with this breath.

The Exmoor Wellbeing Safari is a feast for all of your senses!

Our luxurious picnic from Exmoor Feasting Co will nourish & inspire you visually before it even meets your taste buds!

Sharing food is a practice more ancient than humanity. A natural way to connect with each other, we sample new flavours as we share our stories.

What an experience a Wellbeing Safari with Terry is. So much more than Yoga.
As the sun went down I felt I had left my crazy life behind and had been with these new friends for days.
We toasted the day with Flora Tea and then I asked myself “Do I really have to go home?

Ema Rowe, Forest School Leader

‘Travelling to some of the most beautiful spots on Exmoor in a truly unique vehicle is an experience not to be missed. 

Terry has thought of everything to make you feel at home both in her lorry and in the great outdoors.’

Angela Andrews, Exmoor Farmer

The Wellbeing Safari Truck has evolved from a dream for adventure.  Every detail has been crafted with love. A space that holds family and friends in comfort and beauty.  Holding memories of laughter and tears, of fears and dreams, the truck herself is a crazy pipe dream that we made a reality.  

On our adventures she will become our base as we venture out and as we return home.
On cold days, she is the home of cosy lunches with hot spiced apple juice or chai, blankets and thick nordic socks. She is the perfect vessel to carry us on our journey to the wilds, on our journey to meet ourselves.

‘The whole experience revived my spirit and levelled me greatly. I shall remember beautiful scenery, togetherness and adventure.

Noticing my slower breathing pattern, with the trials and tribulations of life dispersing gradually over the hours came as a surprise to me.’

Irene Bishop, Yoga student

I have lived in and loved Exmoor for 30 years.  When I arrived as a reluctant teen, I couldn’t yet appreciate or understand what this place would mean to me, how deeply it would become a part of my story.  While I enjoyed walking in the woods, and paddling in the rivers, I thought I was a city girl, just waiting to escape the remote and slow local towns.

More than a year in London, and my need for green, for space, for the wild and wide vistas nearly broke me.  Weekends and evening walks in city parks and forests helped – but not enough.

So we moved back to Exmoor. This time, days after arriving, I found myself resting on a hill one late summer afternoon.  Sweet sticky blackberry juice on my fingers, bracken & grasses glowing in the soft golden sun.  In this moment, I truly arrived.  I remember the feeling of comfort and relief as I spoke the words out loud.  ‘I am home.’

Since that time I’ve found joy and solace in discovering places of indescribable beauty, often just around the corner from the famous landmarks.

‘I felt freed up, relaxed, stimulated, and safe.

By the end of the day, I felt very settled in my body and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Opening my eyes from meditation and looking up at a wide blue sky, felt like a summer holiday: an immediate hit of relaxation!’

Ross Titmuss, Teacher, Bristol.

The Exmoor Wellbeing Safari enabled me to connect with myself and the beautiful Exmoor countryside. Terry, is that rare combination of kindness and competence. The yoga overlooking a remote valley, the journalling around the fire and the amazing sunset picnic in the company of new friends were just some of the highlights of the day.’ Lisa Nezam, Exmoor

The yoga and meditation that I offer is suitable if you’re brand new to these ideas, or if you’ve been practicing for lifetimes.

Like any safari, this is a journey into nature, and that can mean that we’re journeying into unknown (weather) conditions at times. If the weather is grey with ‘mizzle’ (Exmoor word for misty drizzle), the safari will go ahead.
Whatever the weather – bring layers! In these photos we were in T-shirts and shorts in one field, and an hour later, we were wrapped in jumpers and blankets on the hills!

If your accessibility requirements might limit your ability to enjoy the Exmoor Wellbeing Safari experience, and restrict you from getting in and out of the vehicle, please do contact me and let’s research a way to work around this. It would be lovely to have you join us.

Register for a day long Exmoor Wellbeing Safari Experience (6-8 hours)

£150 per person

If you’d love to join an Exmoor Wellbeing Safari Experience, but the date you’re looking for isn’t available to book online – please email me! I’ll try to find a date that works for you!

The Exmoor Wellbeing Safari Experience is available as an exclusive experience for your private party of 3 – 5 people. Email me to discuss your booking.


Imagine spending a wild, fun, nourishing day with your closest friends.
A small hen do.  A birthday or special celebration.  
An amazing thing to do on holiday.

Or come by yourself, ready to meet and connect with other people.
Five people can meet in the morning as strangers, share amazing experiences throughout the day, and leave as friends.

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