Liberate Your Elemental Self

All of life moves in cycles. We live within these cycles. The seasons of the year, the moon’s month, the day. Even the life cycles of plants, animals – and us humans!

We are held within them and they influence our feelings, our energy and our lives.

Think about these cycles. They each have phases of birth, growth, full expression, fruition and nourishment, letting go or waning, and completion or death.
We can learn to embrace each phase of the cycle.

When you learn to harness the gifts, understand the challenges and know your own tendencies within each phase – you unlock the power to liberate yourself from beliefs that keep you stuck. You unlock the power to know, appreciate and love each aspect of yourself more fully!

You unlock the power to understand your gifts in ways that you had never seen before! You can begin to love yourself more fully. You can begin to offer the gifts that only you can give… to the world!

Join me on a journey through the elements – to discover, unravel and appreciate the incredible beauty of you.

Each of the following relaxations will nourish and support this element within you.

Listen to the one that speaks to you most deeply, or listen to each one in turn.

The gifts of the Elements
Click on the picture of each Element to access a free relaxation to support this Element within you

Water – Deep rest, replenish, rejuvenate. A time to dream and to imagine. All of the potential for what you will do, create and be, is held in the water.

Wood – Creativity, planning, growth. Endless possibilities, playfulness and the adaptability and patience to overcome obstacles are wood’s gifts

Fire – Audacious and glorious fullness! The beauty of relationship, with yourself, your loved ones and the wider world are within the fire. Passion…for Life!

Earth – Give. And receive. We are nourished by the Earth and we can be nourished by what we do and who we become. Just as we nourish those around us.

Metal – Discover the precious gems within. Let all that is unimportant fall away. When we create space by letting go of what we no longer need and what no longer serves us, we are left with what is truly precious.

Do you feel curious about your relationship with the 5 Elements?

Let me guide you as we use yoga, breath, journalling and relaxation to discover your path through the landscape of the 5 Elements cycle.

Together, we’ll discover and unravel the uniqueness of you, exploring the terrain of each element.

In this series of 3 x 90 minute long sessions, our practice will include:
* A yoga practice to nourish, challenge, strengthen and relax your body.
*Journalling and reflection to deepen your awareness of your thoughts and beliefs, and techniques to create and support healthy ways of being.
*A relaxation to help you integrate the gift of each element. To soak it in more deeply.
*Using pressure points to support our practice – using points that specifically work for you.

Working together online, we’ll connect weekly for your session, where I’ll support and guide you through the practice, adapting it to your needs, strengths and challenges.

Let’s embark on this journey of discovery of you, through the 5 Elements – together!

A journey of 3 x 75 minute online sessions.
At a time that works on both sides of the Atlantic!

Nourished in body and mind with Terry, the 5 elements  is the most forgiving philosophy to support you and fill your heart. It is full of colour, warmth and nurturing ideas to take with you in life. Terry is a wonderful practitioner. Her sessions feel like the start of something very special for body and mind. Thank you Terry.” Ema Rowe, Wild Wellies – Tales and Treasures

Yoga with Terry invites  a journey of self discovery and I find myself benefiting far more from this slow experiental approach than from faster goal oriented alternatives which now seem unsatisfying.”

Nicky Ramsay, Somerset, England