Rest and Replenish – Winter Yoga Mini-Retreat

Immerse yourself in a morning of nourishing and replenishing yoga and relaxation.

Winter is all about hibernation, rest, stillness and sleep!
In our busy world – we can miss out on these vital ingredients.
We’re so busy doing, caring, working, and all the other ‘ings’ that fill our days – we rarely take time for just ‘being.’

This half day retreat is for you if:

❄️You are tired, and long to rest deeply.
❄️You feel stressed or anxious, and want to ‘switch off’ your busy mind for a while.
❄️You don’t have time to rest. Or you do have time, but rest still doesn’t come.
❄️You sense that you need to hibernate for just a little longer…

During our time together we will:

❄️ Use yoga and movement to move our awareness into our bodies, letting our busy minds rest a while, allowing us to feel grounded, stable and connected to ourselves.
❄️ Practice simple breathing techniques that encourage the body to relax even more deeply. We will feel a sense of peace, and ease.
❄️ Use this moment in time, this moment of stillness, to let our ideas flow onto paper. There is nothing to do yet – just time to imagine what might become.
❄️ Share lunch lovingly prepared for us by Toucan Wholefoods Cafe. Food that will warm and nourish us – from the inside out!

Saturday 29th January
10am – 2:00pm
Knowle Manor, Timberscombe


Knowle Manor is the home for our mini Winter Yoga Retreat. A stunning manor house, nestled under the Exmoor hills. The rooms are spacious, yet cosy and warm. This is the perfect space to hold us as we release and relax into the depths of our morning hibernation.

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I often hear: ‘I want more energy!’
Can you relate?

To have more energy – we enough rest!

If we don’t rest fully, and deeply, we can feel deflated, strung out, exhausted, stressed.

We need to give our body and mind time to stop. Time to switch off.

Nature does this in Winter.
It rests. No growth, little activity.

Emerge from your short retreat feeling rested, relaxed, replenished and as if you’ve just been hibernating for the Winter!

What a wonderful way to spend a winter morning.  Fascinating theory around the winter element, Water, followed by stretches which definitely helped my mobility afterwards.  The relaxation at the end left me feeling positive, refreshed and ready to go!  Can’t wait until the spring retreat.  

Katherine Daniel – Little Quarme Cottages and Weddings

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