Inner Wisdom – Outer Glow

A nurturing retreat of yoga, nature, journalling and delicious nutritious lunch!

Lovingly crafted, this mini retreat will meet, support and nourish your whole being!

In the stunning setting of New Place, we will be immersed in beauty.  The whole house invites a welcoming sense of calm and peace.  The gardens, lawns and woodland offer a landscape for us to explore our connection with nature and our relationship with our Self.

A small group of us will gather for a blend of yoga, journalling, movement and being in nature, we will spend the morning reconnecting with our inner wisdom.  

When we connect with, accept and honour what it is to be β€˜me’ – it shows.

We feel better. Life feels easier.  The world seems to notice, and life flows more smoothly and abundantly.

The challenges we inevitably face become easier to handle and we ride the waves of life with more grace, ease and joy!

Saturday 21st August – 10am – 2pm
New Place – Porlock

This retreat is for you if:

πŸŒ• You love being in nature – and yet don’t always find the time to really appreciate it.

πŸŒ• The pace of life can leave you feeling frazzled, stressed or disconnected from yourself.

πŸŒ• You love the idea of a few hours to immerse yourself fully in nourishing you – body, mind and soul!

πŸŒ• You love yoga that feels grounded. Yoga that invites you to experience and understand your body more deeply and fully. Yoga that leaves you feeling satisfied, rejuvenated and connected with yourself, and with the Earth.

Our time will include:

πŸŒ• A yoga practice to help us feel grounded, strong, alive and relaxed!

πŸŒ• Journalling to reconnect with our inner wisdom and knowing.

πŸŒ• Connecting with the Earth. Immersing ourselves in nature. Feeling this connection.

πŸŒ• A delicious lunch – to nourish our bodies from the inside out!

Life is so busy and hectic that it can feel difficult to fit in things like yoga. Yet when you do schedule in Terry’s sessions, you suddenly find you can deal with everything else with a better, calmer and more focused mindset. Thoroughly recommend! Dawn Westcott @exmoorponyproject

Saturday 21st August
10am – 2pm
Porlock – Β£40