Uniquely Your Yoga this Christmas

Be nurtured, feel grounded and revived with this nourishing Christmas bundle of yoga and goodies!

Here is a wonderful opportunity to support yourself deeply through the Christmas holidays, and beyond.
Or it could be a beautiful gift for someone dear to you, who could really do with some extra TLC right now.

What’s in the bundle?

3 x Private, 60 minute, 1:1 Online Yoga Sessions
Working together, we’ll discover exactly what it is you’d like to work with.
This might be something specific like knowing that you often get a sore lower back, and would like to relieve the discomfort.
It could be that you would like to increase your arm strength and you want to focus on that.
Or it could be that you’d love a well rounded practice, with all the extra attention, support and input that working privately with me involves.

Plus gorgeous Christmas goodies:
A handmade journal, beautifully decorated.
A handmade Lavender eye pillow (if you’ve never used these – trust me, they’re amazing!)
A selection of delicious organic chocolates 
And a choice of a seasonal drink, either tea, or Christmassy fresh ground coffee!

Who is this offer for?
Current and past students who either have a regular, or occasional yoga practice.
You already know and like my style of working.
Unlike the zoom group classes, we’re able to talk to each other during the session, so you’re able to give instant feedback on how the poses feel, and we can tweak the whole experience, even more specifically for you!

Current yoga practitioners who desire a deeper level of support and guidance with their practice.
You know your body, it’s capabilities and limitations, and are looking for guidance in peeling back the layers and gaining deeper insight, understanding and experience.
Maybe you’ve been less satisfied with your current style, would like a change, or just a higher level of input/coaching/support.

People new to yoga, or who haven’t practiced in a while.
You’re unsure about your strengths and abilities in yoga.
Maybe your confidence has been knocked by previous practice, or you just haven’t tried yoga before – and you want to feel safe while you practice.

What is the investment?
This beautiful gift is valued at £170.
Just 5 x Be Grounded This Christmas packages are available for £130.
This price includes postage to any UK address.

As an experienced yoga teacher, and shiatsu practitioner, I bring my depth of knowledge and personal experience of the body, and how it moves, to every session.

Each of us is unique, and our experiences equally so.
Our energy shifts continually, and in each session I meet you where you are in the moment, whilst ensuring we connect with whatever you desire to work on.

I love the opportunity for connection that 1:1 sessions bring – both us with each other, and you with your deeper self.

Whether you want to focus on strong asana, the basics, or breathing and relaxation, these sessions are tailored to what you need them to be.

Whether this is for you, or to someone important to you – this special gift will nourish body, mind and soul!