5 Elements Retreat

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The 5 elements theory is the story the ancient Chinese used to make sense of the natural world, it’s rhythms and changes.
It’s all around us – and we are part of it.
This very special, 5 week course brings it to life.
We use yoga practice, discussion, pressure points that we can treat ourselves, recipes and relaxation.
We begin to get a clearer picture of how we fit into the natural cycles that surround us and how we are effected by them.

Each week you’ll receive an invitation from me to welcome where this element shows up in your life, and to explore your relationship with it. I’ll include a couple of recipe ideas, so that if you have time you can prepare element themed goodies to nourish your body after the retreat.

The retreat each week will include:

  • A nourishing yoga practice, relating to the element we’re working with
  • 5 elements theory, bringing the element to life
  • Reflection – what is your relationship with each element?
  • A long and luxurious relaxation

An elemental worksheet, reminding you of postures, theory, and with space to for you to include your own thoughts and feelings.

Nourished in body and mind with Terry, the 5 elements  is the most forgiving philosophy to support you and fill your heart. It is full of colour, warmth and nurturing ideas to take with you in life. Terry is a wonderful practitioner and I will be taking part in another of her 5 Elements Course very soon. Her session feels like the start of something very special for your body and mind. Thank you Terry.
Ema, Somerset


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